2021 State Fair Junior

2021 State Fair Junior

This year’s event was held at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex. 164 players teed it up, 25 in the 7-11 age groups and 136 in the 12-18 age groups. The evening prior to the tournament we had a total of 184 players signed up, but the very poor air quality, due to major wildfires in the Sierra foothills and mountains, resulted in several late withdrawals on Saturday morning.

Tee times began at 7:30am on the Arcade Creek front nine for the 7-11 age groups. Tee times started at 7:30am on Alister MacKenzie for the 12-18 age groups with the last time at 2:06pm.

There were ten divisions – 7-9 Boys, 7-9 Girls, 10-11 Boys, 10-11 Girls, 12-13 Boys, 12-13 Girls, 14-15 Boys, 14-15 Girls, 16-18 Boys, and 16-18 Girls.

The overall girls champion was Ellie Bushnell, age 16 from Granite Bay, with a three under par 69. Ellie also won the same title in 2019 when she was 14. The overall boys champion was Logan Green, age 17 from Davis. Logan won with a birdie on the first playoff hole over Clark Van Gaalen, age 15 from Turlock. Both shot six under 66..

The 7-11 age division results are as follows:
• Boys Ages 7-9 – First, Collin MacDonald (36); Second, Veeraj Sidhu (37); Third, Quinn Verschelden (38)
• Girls Ages 7-9 – First, Gabriella Huddleston (43); Second, Elise Lim (43 card off); Third, Ava Uppal (45)
• Boys Ages 10-11 – First, Dev Malik (38); Second, Emery Pugh (38 card off); Third, Sudhaamsuram Parvataneni (39)
• Girls Ages 10-11 – First, Anita Lumpongpoung (35); Second, Melody Chen (37); Third, Grace Gao (39)

The 12-18 age division results are as follows:
• Boys Ages 12-13 – First, Landon Abalateo (64); Second, Luke Harrison (76); Third, Andy Mei (78)
• Girls Ages 12-13 – First, Petra Yee (68); Second, Lauren Alaniz (72); Third, Bella Ransi (73)
• Boys Ages 14-15 – First, Clark Van Gaalen (66 lost in playoff for overall champ); Second, Akira Ransi (68); Third, Garrett Harrison (71)
• Girls Ages 14-15 – First, Lillian MGowan (72); Second, Lexi Booras (72); Third, Alayithiag (72) – positions determined by card off
• Boys Ages 16-18 – First, Zach Mate (67); Second, Aidan Tran (68); Third, Camdan Indelicato (69) – card off over Matthew Shimizu also with 69
• Girls Ages 16-18 – First, Anna Andaya (70); Second, Kaylyn Hoh (70 card off): Third, Hannah Harrison (71) 

The complete leaderboard can be viewed on the JGANC website at:

Many thanks go to my co-directors Mark Perry who will be taking over the tournament next year, Lainie Case (on the green prizes for the 7-11 age groups), Peggy Chan (posting scores), Linda DeLong (spotter on hole #11), Bob Fleming (rules on Arcade and MacKenzie), Mike Fleming, (starter on MacKenzie), Chuck Honeycutt (rover and spotter), and Matt Nadeau (rover and water on Arcade).

I’m also thankful to Pat Keys (rules), Marcia Whiting (rules), Bill Rider (rules), and Jim DeLong (spotter on #10) all of whom have volunteered many times for other SGC events. I also had two volunteers from JGANC – Katrina Weinstein (starter and rover on Arcade) and Tom Tripp (head rules official for JGANC).

Finally, I am grateful to Mike Woods, Haggin Oaks General Manager, Murray Salisbury, Tournament Director and all the Haggin Oaks tournament staff. They did a superb job setting up for the event and are always great to work with.

Larry Glasmire, Tournament Director
2021 State Fair Junior Championship