2021 City Mixed Team

2021 City Mixed Team

The 80h City Mixed Team Championship was played at Bing Maloney on Sunday, August 8th, with perfect golf weather. We had 37 teams participate and 14 teams were awarded gift cards.

The Overall Low Net Champions with a net score of 63.5 are Linda Bottini and Dean Prince and their names will be engraved on the perpetual trophy. The Overall Low Gross winners with a score of 65 are once again Sadie Strain and Mark Engellenner. The team of Alyssa and Collin Yee also shot a 65 but lost the tiebreaker with a 35 on the back 9 compared to 32. All ties were broken using the USGA method of comparing the back 9 scores.

This year we used the Golf Genius mobile app as well as paper scorecards for attesting purposes. At least one team in each group was familiar with the app.

Thank you to all that helped make this tournament a success – Bing Maloney’s staff, David Chan, Kent Hirose, Bob Fleming, Bill Perley, Larry Glasmire, Bob Adams and Janice Luis.

Low Net Champions: Lynn Bottini and Dean Prince with a 63.5 Net
Low Gross Winners: Sadie Strain and Marc Engellenner with a 65 Gross

Flight 1:
1st: Jane and Jim Findarle with a net 67
2nd: Virgie Velazquez and Leon Moore with a net 67.5
3rd: Deb and Brian McSherry with a net 68.5
4th: Ron and Courtney Cervellin with a net 69.5

Flight 2:
1st: Athena Blanco and Tim Brown with a net 64.5
2nd: Marcia Whiting and John Nakamura with a net 64.5
3rd: Julie Quinn and Adrian Felix with a net 66
4th: Suzan Sabado and Daniel Ng with a net 66

Flight 3:
1st: Connie Thomas and Kevin Bender with a net 65.5
2nd: Karen Biscaha and Kurt Biscaha with a net 66
3rd: Pam and Michael Venturi with a net 66
4th: Rosie Ho and Alan Low with a net 66.5