2015 County Men’s Scratch

2015 County Men’s Scratch

Sacramento County Men’s Championship

Ancil Hoffman Golf Course July 18,19, 2015

The 51st Sacramento County Men’s Championship was played this weekend and congratulations to the 2015 winner, Lee Gearhart of Roseville finishing with a two day score of 144. The premier event was played on the demanding Ancil Hoffman Golf Course set by the American River in a splendid county park and wildlife habitat. This year saw an influx of new players to our event and the players were impressed by the championship nature of this William Bell designed masterpiece. Conditions were reported by numerous players in the field such as, greens were perfect and fast and pin placements challenged the best.

In past years, winning scores were from 3 to 6 under at 7000 yards, par 72. This year only Lee Gearhart was able to match par for the win. In fact in the two days of individual play by 96 players, there were only 3 rounds under par. Handicaps were capped at 7.2 and the winner received the maximum amateur prize allocation of $750 in merchandise scrip. Payouts to a third of the field amounted to a prize fund of over $5,800.

Check out the many events we run in conjunction with the City and County of Sacramento and you will find a professional approach in beautiful settings testing your skills in events dating back to the 1921 annually. We pride ourselves on the Junior Golf Tournaments we host and the longevity we enjoy by seeing the youngsters “come up through the ranks (ages 8 – 17)” and then mature into our other annual events. Our Sacramento Junior Easter Tournament dates back to 1948 and the perpetual trophy was donated by a some golfer named Byron Nelson!


1 Lee Gearhart, Roseville, Ca 71-73–144 Jeff M Hoffman, Folsom, 76-79–155
2 David Laskin, Elk Grove, CA 72-73–145 Russell Takeuchi, Fresno, 77-78–155
T3 Connor Estrada, Yuba City, CA 74-72–146 T49 Charlie Cameron,
El Dorado Hills, CA
Jeffrey Yamaguchi, Fresno, CA 72-74–146 Christopher Mcknight, Elk Grove, Ca 81-75–156
Jesse Bratz, Sacramento, CA 78-68–146 Jahaan Nargussi, Loomis, 77-79–156
T6 Ryan Sloane, Campbell, CA 76-71–147 Robert Phillips, Roseville, 75-81–156
Thomas Crowther, Sacramento, 75-72–147 Samuel Bivins, West Sacramento, CA 77-79–156
T8 Benjamin Ledbetter, Sacramento, 73-75–148 Taylor Richard Hobin, Brentwood, Ca 76-80–156
Brady J Donoghue, Carmichael, 75-73–148 T55 Devyn Fitchhorn, Vacaville 77-80–157
Peter Canevari, Modesto, CA 76-72–148 Ty C Peters, Sacramento, 81-76–157
T11 Blake Abercrombie, Rocklin, CA 75-74–149 T57 Brian Sterri, Rocklin, 80-78–158
Mark Cobey, Woodland, Ca 73-76–149 Riley Sullivan, Granite Bay 80-78–158
Mason Troike, Orangevale, Ca 77-72–149 Robert W Levin, Elk Grove 75-83–158
T14 Amol Mahal, San Mateo, CA 75-75–150 Ryder Sanders, Granite Bay, CA 79-79–158
Bryson Zorich, Rocklin, CA 78-72–150 T61 Luis Pelayo, Sacramento, 77-82–159
Eric D Taylor, Sacramento, CA 76-74–150 Matt Anderson, Roseville, 81-78–159
Jason Herrera, Rio Linda, Ca 78-72–150 Nick Hunsaker, Roseville, 81-78–159
Jay Weiss, San Jose, CA 73-77–150 Patrick Charles Levin, San Diego, CA 80-79–159
Jeremy Gomberg, Roseville, CA 75-75–150 Paul Krey, Brentwood, CA 76-83–159
Kevin Lauterbach, Oakhurst, CA 76-74–150 T66 Ash Patel, Roseville, CA 80-80–160
Matt Lewis, Roseville, CA 76-74–150 Brandon Yee, Sacramento, 80-80–160
Thomas Steinhoff, Williams, CA 74-76–150 Matthew Potter, Grass Valley, 82-78–160
Zachary R. Solomon, Sacramento 74-76–150 69 Danny Van Attenhoven, Folsom, Ca 81-81–162
T24 Chad Kubes, Shingle Springs, 74-77–151 T70 Ross McCulligan, Sac 82-81–163
Jordan Wright, San Luis Obispo, 76-75–151 Ryan Peck, El Dorado Hills, 80-83–163
Josiah M Schuyler, Carmichael, 73-78–151 T72 Daniel Orovich, Sacramento, 77-87–164
Serge Kiriluk, Sonora, CA 78-73–151 Doug Grandy, Carmichael, 84-80–164
T28 Doug Crowther, Sacramento, Ca 76-76–152 Matthew Stoll, Rocklin, Ca 82-82–164
Kent Kao, Pinole, CA 78-74–152 75 Peyton From, Rocklin, CA 78-87–165
Wesley Hollabaugh, Rocklin, Ca 78-74–152 76 Sean DeMeter,
Sacramento, CA
T31 Bradley Peil, Rescue, CA 76-77–153 T77 Brent M Gormley, Elk Grove, Ca 86-81–167
Chad Vander Dussen, R Murieta, 79-74–153 Javier Ortiz, West Sacramento, CA 81-86–167
John Fracisco, Pleasanton, CA 74-79–153 T79 Cody Delgado, Rocklin, CA 87-81–168
Michael Grenz, Nipomo, CA 78-75–153 Ryan Deakyne, Rancho Cordova, CA 84-84–168
Michael Price, San Francisco, CA 75-78–153 Trong David Vu, Sacramento 85-83–168
Zach Will, Lincoln, CA 79-74–153 T82 Jeff Myers, Orangevale, 86-87–173
T37 Brandon Baumgarten, Granite Bay 78-76–154 Phillip English, Stockton, 91-82–173
Bryce Kvick, Carmichael, CA 78-76–154 84 Clint Walker, Rancho
Cordova, CA
John Burke, Sacramento, CA 73-81–154 85 Thomas Grace, Yuba City, 86-91–177
Juan Pablo Gonzalez, Antelope, CA 77-77–154 86 Dan Rickard, Sacramento, 97-86—183
Kevin O’Brien, San Francisco, CA 76-78–154 T87 Ben Urias, Roseville, CA 88-NC–NC
Kyle Head, Escalon, Ca 77-77–154 Patrick A Henry, Elk Grove, Ca 74-NC–NC
Lawrence O’Neill, San Francisco, 74-80—154 Shane Romine, Phoenix, A 100-NC–NC
T37 Michael Moreland, Elk Grove, CA 74-80–154 Steve Christopher Dopkins, Carmichael, 79-NC–NC
T45 Darren Fegley, Chico, Ca 79-76–155 Xavier Wilson, Elk Grove, CA 81-NC–NC
James Trevino, Fresno, CA 80-75–155 Zach Carter, Elk Grove, CA 81-NC–NC


 Lee Gearhart, 2015 Sacramento County Men’s Champion

 David Laskin, runner up by a stroke to Lee Gearhart