2015 County Men’s Net

2015 County Men’s Net

26th State Fair Net Championship at Ancil Hoffman

The 2015 Sacramento County Net Men’s Champion is Francis Kihagi, from Ancil Hoffman golf club.

Francis two under par at 142, winning by two strokes over four players scoring even par.. Forty eight men in three flights completed in this year’s competition at Ancil Hoffman Golf Course. This was the largest field in recent years, no doubt due to the SGC’s Bring a Friend Special.

The SGC Tournament Index policy helped level the playing field for a fair competition for all. There was only one under par for the 2 day event. Course conditions were tough but fair. Rain blessed us Sunday but few complained! Pace of play was not an issue – the men were challenged to keep up with the Women on Sunday morning.

Council Members Joe Nemeth and Bob Roak worked the event all day, both days, and did a great job running the show! The staff of Empire Golf and the County of Sacramento were gracious and helpful.

A big thanks to all and save the date for the 2016 Sacramento County Net Championships, Oct 15 and 16 at Ancil Hoffman Golf Course.

2015 Sacramento County Mens Net Championship
Player Total Net Score
Francis Kihagi Ancil Hoffman GC 142 2015 Champion
First Flight
Bob Synhorst Ancil Hoffman GC 144 1st
Ray Martinez Ancil Hoffman GC 147 T – 2nd
Jeff Cunningham Empire Ranch GC 147 T – 2nd
Greg Fisher eClub Sacramento 149
Rich Fleischer Ancil Hoffman GC 150
Loren Harmon eClub Sacramento 153
Will Alexander Ancil Hoffman GC 154
Kreg Klaver eClub Sacramento 154
Dominic Baldacchino Empire Ranch GC 154
Pat Bakerjian Ancil Hoffman GC 154
Jeff Erickson Granite Bay GC 156
Scott Bie Ancil Hoffman GC 156
Lyle Covino Palo Alto GC 157
Greg Hart eClub East Bay 157
Robert Godwin Ancil Hoffman GC 157
Pat Beckley Sevillano Links GC WD
Brian McClintock Empire Ranch GC WD
Second Flight
Bob Eberle Bing Maloney GC 144 1st
Greg Garcia Ancil Hoffman GC 144 2nd
Mark Schwan Ancil Hoffman GC 146 3rd
Joe Woelfle Ancil Hoffman GC 149
David Derks Ancil Hoffman GC 149
Anthony Simpson Ancil Hoffman GC 151
Aaron Goodin Presido GC 152
Mark Crowfoot Empire Ranch GC 153
Rick Wiley Ancil Hoffman GC 154
William Durcho Ancil Hoffman GC 154
Roger Siler Ancil Hoffman GC 156
David Hodge Ancil Hoffman GC 156
Greg Hovious Ancil Hoffman GC 156
Pat Harrold Ancil Hoffman GC 163
Greg McIntosh Morgan Creek GC 165
Third Flight
Rick Doerr Ancil Hoffman GC 144 1st
Jim Wilkerson Ancil Hoffman GC 145 2nd
Garrett Okusako Cherry Island GC 147 3rd
J.T. Costello Ancil Hoffman GC 148
Richard Battistessa Ancil Hoffman GC 148
Doug Olson Ancil Hoffman GC 150
Joe Scales Empire Ranch GC 151
Lancelot Hunter Empire Ranch GC 152
Chris Carrrigan eClub Sacramento 152
Dwight Palmatier Ancil Hoffman GC 152
Joe Fay Ancil Hoffman GC 157
David Peterson Ancil Hoffman GC 158
Jack Corry Top Flight Golf Club 159
Stephen Bakerjian Ancil Hoffman GC 160
Ray Mendez Ancil Hoffman GC WD
Jim Kozlowski Ancil Hoffman GC WD





Francis Kihagi, 2015 County Net Champion
First Place winners
Bob Syhorst, Bob Eberle, Dick Doerr