2015 County Four-Ball

2015 County Four-Ball

13th Sacramento County Regional Four-Ball Championship

Mather Golf Course October 24-November 1

Lots of good matches up to the last group playing for the 2015 championship. Juan Gonzalez missed a 3 footer on the par three 11th that later he told me really upset him until he ended up in the exact place nine holes later. Jorgen Kvick birdied the 18th hole to take the match to sudden death that started on the 10th hole. On the 11th par 3, Juan then faced that 3 footer again. This time he made the putt to end it with a birdie..

Juan has played in these matches for at least 12 years with other partners. This time Luis Pelayo shared the win on the 20th hole over Jorgen and Bryce Kvick, Jorgens 16 year old 150 pound son who hit the ball over 300 yards on almost every hole, shot 30 on the front side that included a 360 yard drive on the 8th hole then pitched it in for an eagle.

Last year’s defending champs Jason Herrera and Wes Sandroni won their first match beating Steve Pajak and Lance Bishop 4 and 2, then went on to loose to Kvick and Kvick 5 and 4.

Quarter Finals

Juan Gonzalvez / Luis Pelayo def. Chris Johnson / Scott Watson 1 up

Mike Montgomery / Rob Frye def. Chad Kimmelshue / Cole Chavez 20 th hole

Lower Bracket

Jorgen Kvick / Bryce Kivick def. Jason Herrers / Wes Sandroni 5 & 4

Steve Dopkins / Josiah Schuyler def. Mike Williams / Scott Bubany 1 up


Upper Bracket

Gonzalez / Pelayo def. Montgomery / Frye 2 up

Semi finals

Lower Bracket

Kvick / Kvick def Dopkins / Schuyler 5 & 4


Gonzales / Pelayo def Kvick / Kvick 20th hole

2015 County 4-Ball Champions

 Champs Luis Pelayo and Juan Gonzalez

Runners up Bryce and Jorgen Kvick with Champions Gonzalez/Pelayo