2014 State Fair Junior

2014 State Fair Junior

State Fair Junior Championship for Boys 14-17 was held at Mather. Travis Mitchell of Alamo, California scored 69, tying Connor Bell of Sacramento, required a sudden death playoff.

On the third playoff hole, Travis was on in regulation, 25 feet left hole high. Connor had pushed his approach long, tangling with a bushy pine. On in three, he missed the par, while Travis 2-putted for the par and the win.

The Girls Champion at Haggin Oaks is 14 year old Maya Pugatch from San Jose, posting a 67. Maya racked up seven birdies, and only two bogies.

At Haggin Oaks, Cole Whang aced #13, and Chisay Aria aced #3.

Refer to the JGANC site for all scores.

BOYS CHAMPION : Travis Mitchell, Alamo 69 GIRLS CHAMPION: MAYA PUGATCH, San Jose 67
*won 3-hole playoff
Boys 16-17 (Mather) Girls 10-11 (Arcade 9)
1st Connor Bell, Sacramento 69 1st Borina Sutikto 37
2nd David Laskin, Elk Grove 72 2nd Hannah Harrison 38
3rd Ryan Ramboyong, San Jose 72 3rd Yewon Yang 39
Girls 15-17 (Haggin Oaks) Boys 10-11 (Arcade 9)
1st Christina Glebova 71 1st Baron Szeto 38
2nd German Kaur 71 2nd Aiden Tren 38
3rd Noor Ahmed 71 3rd Richard Gibbs 38
Boys 14-15 (Mather) Girls 7-9 (Arcade 9)
1st Noah Norton, Chico 70 1st Emily Luo 37
2nd Christopher Ebster, Modesto 71 2nd Alexa Tran 38
3rd Brendon Choe, Orinda 73 3rd Vani Karimanal 39
Girls 12-14 (Haggin Oaks Boys 7-9 (Arcade 9)
1st Ty Akabane 71 1st Howard Shu 31
2nd Quynn Duong 71 2nd Jackson Koivun 32
3rd Hailey Reitz 73 3rd Parker Pilotte 34
Boys 12-13 (Haggin Oaks)
1st Andrew Bagasbas 71
2nd Satchel Hirsh 75
3rd Kyle Kushnir 75

 Connor Bell, First Place 16-17 Boys

Boys Champion Travis Mitchell (right) with Connor Bell
both scored 69, Mitchell prevailed at third playoff hole.

 Maya Pugatch, Girls Champion

Noah Norton, First Place 14-15 boys