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Complete this form, indicating in which tournament you want to participate as a volunteer.
When completed, click the SUBMIT button to send it by e-mail

If you wish to apply to volunteer as a Sacramento Golf Council member, download the complete pdf application and print.
Complete and send by US Mail to the indicated address at Capital City Golf.
I would like volunteer as a committee member for the following 2017 tournament(s):
City Men's Regional Four Ball Championship at Bing March 18-26 (2 weekends)
City Putting Championship (Apr) at Haggin Oaks Golf Expo April golf expo weekend
City Junior Easter Championship at Bing Maloney April 11-12
County Senior Men's Championship at Ancil Hoffman May 9-10
County Women's Championship at Ancil Hoffman July 15-16
City Men's Handicap at Bing Maloney May 20-21
City Men's Championship at Haggin Oaks June 17-18
City Women's Championship at Bing Maloney June 24-25
County Mixed Scotch Championship at Cherry Island July 9
City Senior Men's Championship at Bing Maloney July 25-26
County Junior Championship at Cherry Island June 13-14
County Men/Women Handicap Championship at Cherry Island Oct 28-29
County Men's Championship at Ancil Hoffman July 15-16
Phil Marskey City Junior Championship at Haggin Oaks July 25-26
Walter & Olga Strand City Junior/Senior at B. Cavanaugh Oct 30
County Vintage Championship at Mather June 6-7
City Mixed Scotch Championship at Bing Maloney August 13
California State Fair Junior Championship at Haggin Oaks/Mather August 26
California State Fair Handicap Championship at Hoffman Sept 2,3,4
California State Fair Amateur Championship at Haggin Oaks Sept 2,3,4
California State Fair Masters Championship at Bing Maloney Sept 2,3,4
California State Fair Women's Championship at B Cavanaugh Sept 2,3
California State Fair Senior Championship at Mather Sept 2,3
County Men's Regional Four Ball Championship at Mather October 21-29 (2 weekends)
County Puttingl Championship at Mather October 20-22
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Day Phone:
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